The Provider Model Training Program is an alternate training method for Traffic Safety Education in Oregon.

  • Submit your Proposal and Candidate Instructor (CI) documentation:
  • Be in good standing with ODOT-TSO Compliance Program
  • Identify and enlist a Trainer of Trainers (ToT). As a provider, you are responsible for compensation for the ToT training time.

Each proposal must include:

1. Training Approach – overall training plan explaining how you will use / adjust the approved ODOT curriculum.
2. Training schedule for each phase of training.
3. How will you test and evaluate your candidate instructors, how will you ensure that the candidate instructor meets any additional requirements (if any) and applies for permanent certification before the end of the training year.
4. Co-Teaching: Identify who the Mentor will be for your candidate instructor and how the ToT will interact with the mentor and CI during this process.

Notification of Approval

Please allow adequate time for review and approval of the proposal. Proposals must be received at least one week prior to the start of a course. Courses may not begin until approval has been received via email. Registration and payment must be received 72 hours before course begins to allow for delivery of materials through WOU.

Once you have been notified by WOU that your course has been approved you are free to conduct your course as outlined in your proposal.

  • If there is a need to adjust a date, please contact WOU. ToT resources are often assigned to other courses and we want to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Provisional Certification

Candidate instructors who successfully complete the course will be issued a provisional certification which will allow them to co-teach in classroom and teach restricted In-vehicle coursework for a period of one year within your organization.  Once all of the candidate instructor requirements are met (within one year), your instructor will be able to apply for full certification.

The provisional certification does not transfer to another provider and is not renewable.