Interested in starting your own Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) approved driving school, but not sure where to start? Two divisions of ODOT play a role in certifying or approving independent schools offering driver education.

Driver and Motor Vehicle services Division (DMV) Business Regulations certifies commercial driver training schools, also known as private schools. This is for the business side of being a driving school. See this page on the Oregon DMV’s website for more information.  You can contact ODOT-DMV Third Party Programs at 503-945-6049

Transportation Safety Office (TSO) – This Office approves private and public schools for teaching novice drivers (15-17 years) for driver education. Public schools include K-12, Community Colleges, Educational Services Districts, and County entities such as a sheriff’s office.  ODOT-TSO coordinates oversight of the approved providers and their programs, in addition to enforcing the statutes governing those schools that teach the Oregon approved driver education program. Visit the ODOT-TSO Driver Education’s website. You can contact the Driver Education Program Manager at 503-580-8112